Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lifefactory Bottles ~ Why I Can't Go Anywhere without Mine!

When they first started using Lifefactory water bottles at home, my mom and sister, Hannah, knew they had to share this safe and innovative product with others!  I soon started using Lifefactory bottles as well and easily saw why my mom and sister were so excited about letting others know about these bottles.  So I thought I’d also give my little “hoorah” and help spread the Lifefactory love myself….here’s my take on the Lifefactory bottles and why I can’t go anywhere without mine!
Lifefactory bottles are made of non-toxic materials giving them both personal and environmental health benefits.  The main component of the bottles is, well, the bottle itself, which is made from glass. When it comes to taste, I’ve noticed a much fresher and more pure flavor when drinking water from a glass bottle over one made from plastic (a bland…toxic…flavor) or stainless steel (more of a metallic taste that bothers some). In terms of non-toxic characteristics, glass is a great choice because it is free from chemicals—in particular BPA—which helps me keep my body healthy and chemical free.  As for the environment, glass is 100% recyclable and reusable, which helps me eliminate the amount of waste I create.  The second component of the glass bottle is the food-grade and non-toxic silicone sleeve used to help minimize the chance for breakage that can occur when glass is involved.  Finally, the Lifefactory bottle is sealed with a BPA-free plastic lid to help prevent leaking.
The Lifefactory bottles also have an aesthetic appeal that I love! The silicone sleeves and BPA free plastic caps come in a variety of playful colors—my favorite being sky blue.  I actually have a few of these water bottles in different colors and sizes at home, so I often like to switch around the caps to the bottles!  And in case you are wondering, yes, the caps for the 16oz and 22oz bottles are the same size, so switching around caps for a colorful bottle combination is super easy.
The only downside I can think to bring up about the Lifefactory bottle is the obvious chance for breakage (which I mentioned previously). But being the good company that they are, Lifefactory has a solution in addition to the silicone sleeve to help increase the warranty of your bottle: they will replace a broken bottle…for free!  
Lifefactory bottles, in my opinion, are worth getting.  I’m proud to carry them around because I know they are representing my non-toxic lifestyle.  They’re great conversation starters too!  Whenever I’m complimented on the bottle’s design, I mention that it’s made of glass.  Often times, I get a confused and surprised look which is the perfect opportunity for me to educate other and help spread the word about choosing non-toxic products for on-the-go!
I leave you with the thought that if you’re ready to make the switch to a more toxin-free lifestyle, try Lifefactory Glass Bottles when hydrating on-the-go! I honestly think you’ll love the fresh taste of your beverage, they style, and, of course, its warranty J. Show your body and the earth some love…switch to glass!
~ Ivana
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