Thursday, November 17, 2011

6 Reasons to Eat Organic Foods

“Organic foods” are defined as foods that are grown without the use of modern, synthetic products (such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers), do not contain genetically modified organisms, and are processed without industrial solvents or food additives.  In other words, organic is the natural choice.  Below are a list of reasons why going organic is a great choice for your body, your family and the environment:
1.      Overall health. My main reasoning—and the most obvious—for eating organic foods is overall health. Studies about the detrimental effects of synthetic products on our health are rampant across the media, and by eating organic, I’m taking one big step towards avoiding these synthetic products.  However, there are many more benefits to buying organic that are not as obvious as health concerns. 
2.      Water supply. Growing organic food is also better for our water supply.  Pesticides used by industrial farmers inevitably make their way back into our water supply.  The U.S. Geological Survey recently tested the groundwater quality at several locations and detected at least one pesticide in every stream tested.  Unfortunately, this problem will only get worse as we continue to use pesticides on an industrial scale.  Going organic means keeping pesticides out of our environment—sounds good to me!
3.      Nutritional value. Another reason eating organic foods is a great choice is their intrinsic health. Simply put, organic foods have higher nutritional value than non-organic foods.  The chemicals used to keep our non-organic fruits and vegetables looking beautiful right up to the dinner plate actually kill microorganisms in the soil they are grown in. These chemicals prevent soil from enriching our food with nutrients; but organic foods avoid this problem! 
4.      Healthy soil. Not using chemicals in soil helps keep soil healthy. This healthy soil feeds the organic plants, which give carbon back in return.  This process leaves us with better soil in the long run and a healthier environment.
5.      Fewer carbon emissions. Organic foods are also better for the environment because organic foods more often than not are locally grown.  Locally grown foods don’t have to be trucked across the country, which helps reduce carbon emissions.
6.      Taste! Lastly, organic foods simply taste better!
Some people have been slow to catch the organic craze, often saying that the extra cost is not worth it.  However, as organic food becomes more popular and more and more people start growing it, prices will continue to fall.  Take a walk around your local farmer’s market and you may be surprised to find that often times the prices are comparable to non-organic foods, especially if you buy fruits and vegetables in season.
Organic food is an investment in your life that will pay off in the long run.  It will keep you healthier and happier.  What more could we ask for from our food?
~ Jessica
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