Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wyland Living Green Fair Wrap Up

I'm so excited to write this post because we just wrapped up our first green event! This past weekend, we set up a super large booth at the Wyland Living Green Fair to help promote going non-toxic and chemical free...it was a great success! We had hundreds of visitors stop by our booth and give us great feedback. Everyone showed great interest in what we were doing at ESP, and I hope we were able to spread awareness about prevention of hazardous chemicals :).

Here's a recap of our weekend:

Let me preface the weekend by letting you all know it was my mom's birthday on Sunday. As a birthday surprise, I thought we'd get our whole family together to attend the Living Green Fair with my mom and me. My three younger brothers are in middle school and high school, so they were already home. But one of my younger sisters worked out in California while the other is abroad in Costa Rica! So with a little bit of secrecy and work, we were able to get the two of them to fly in on Friday night...to get ready and surprise my mom Saturday morning.

Friday night:
Both of my sisters stayed with my fiance and me in Fort Lauderdale.

Saturday morning:
7 AM ~ My two sisters, my fiance, and I all drove over to my parent's house to surprise my mom. We opened the door, walked in, and saw my mom's SURPRISED face! She had no earthly idea that we were all going to be with her this past weekend to celebrate her birthday.  Let's just say a few happy tears were shed :).
8 AM ~ It was off to Mizner Park in Boca Raton, FL to set up!
9 AM ~ Set up began...with the whole fam!

11 AM ~ Doors opened up for the Wyland Living Green Fair!  We were all ready to go :)

5:30 PM ~ End of day 1! It was a beautiful day at the fair...and I think we did a great job spreading awareness!  You can see more pictures from the event on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.198993640176451.49369.130037260405423&type=1

That night, we all had family dinner at my parents house.  Because one sister is in college and the other lives in California, it is amazing when we get the chance to all get together--all eight of us! I think my mom had a very, very Happy Birthday!!

Another great day! My mom, sister, and I were at the event from 12 to 5.

I would have given an exact play by play of the weekend, but I think you all got a good idea of how it went! We sold bpa free bottles by Lifefactory and Takeya--which EVERYONE loved! (Including us...we all have at least one bottle each haha).

More pictures to come on our Facebook page soon!

Thank you!
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