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Green, Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas from

Essential Safe Products (ESP) is committed to helping families live a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle in the kitchen and on-the-go as well as promoting a healthy and sustainable environment. Non-toxic and eco-friendly lifestyle choices are applicable in many aspects of one’s life, including a wedding, so ESP has put together a list of eco-friendly wedding ideas to give couples creative inspiration.
Plantation, Florida (PRWEB) March 01, 2012
Essential Safe Products (ESP), a website dedicated to helping families make healthier and non-toxic lifestyle and environmental choices, has put together a list of green , eco-friendly wedding ideas to help others get inspiration for incorporating environmental sustainability into a wedding.

Planning a wedding gives couples the freedom to explore creativity, inspiration, and tradition that brings together one of the most celebrated moments in their lives. Wedding ideas, themes, and decorations are endless, so one thing to keep in mind is to create a concept that stays true the couple. Coming up with a broad concept is a great way to start the wedding planning process because it will be a solid foundation to all the little details that come up throughout the detailed process.

“I’m getting married in less than two weeks, and because wedding, wedding, wedding is always on my mind right now, I thought it would be great to share some eco-friendly wedding ideas to others planning a wedding! I have incorporated some of these ideas into our wedding, and just a few small eco-adjustments to a wedding can have a huge and positive impact on a healthy environment,” says Hannah Masimore, President of ESP.

For those interested in planning a green, eco-friendly wedding, ESP has put together a list of some green wedding ideas that can easily be incorporated into any wedding.

1. Invitations: Search for PCW or recycled paper wedding invitations. Many companies now have this type of paper an option, and the designs are just as beautiful. An even more environmentally friendly idea is to send out online invitations.

2. The Dresses: For the bridal gown, many designers are now creating hemp wedding dresses or organic fabric wedding dresses—both options that are more environmentally friendly than traditional wedding gowns. For bridesmaid dresses, a great, sustainable idea is to donate the dresses that they may “never wear again” to a charity.

3. Wedding Favors: Couples can get very creative when it comes to deciding how to thank their guests for attending the wedding. One eco-friendly idea is to give a take-home slice of the wedding cake in a recycled paper cake box wrapped in jute or hemp ribbon and accompanied by a reusable bamboo spork. The bamboo spork is great novelty gift that guests can use time and time again. A couple of other ideas for favors is to donate to a charity in honor of each guest or give each guest a seed to plant.

4. Wedding Rings: Search for jewelers who use recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.

5. Decorations: Instead of using plastic straws or trendy striped paper straws, think about incorporating stainless steel straws or glass straws. They are reusable and great take-home gifts for guests. Another eco-friendly idea for decorations is to use organic flowers throughout the wedding d├ęcor and in bouquets.

About Essential Safe Products (ESP)
Susan Masimore, mother of 6 children, started ESP because she wanted to spread the word about toxins and give families a place where they can confidently purchase non-toxic products for the kitchen and on-the-go. Through ESP’s website, families can learn about the toxic chemicals, find tips and tricks on how to avoid exposure to toxins in food and drink, and purchase kitchen and on-the-go products that are non-toxic and food safe. ESP is dedicated to promoting healthy and non-toxic lifestyles for families as well as a healthy environment.
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