Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Natural Acne Treatment that Really Worked for Me!

Since middle school, I have been struggling with trying to maintain my acne.  I had always hoped it would disappear by my mid-twenties (especially since I would be well passed my puberty stage and awkward phase)…but turned out that was just a hope. I’m 25, almost 26 and still get acne, and based on family history, I know I will be plagued with acne (cystic acne to be exact!) my whole life. 
I’ve tried everything. ProActive, prescriptions from the doctor, over-the-counter washes, creams, gels, spot treatment, you name it!  Nothing seems to work—or at least work well. The acne never completely goes away. In particular, during that “time of the month” a few pinkish bumps usually appear around my cheeks. Acne is annoying, we all know it! And for years I have been determined to find a treatment that can control my acne the way I’d like it—I know I’m not the only one.

Then, a couple months ago my mom’s friend introduced us to the best acne treatment I have ever used—an all NATURAL recipe I could make at home! I know I should have guessed that it would be a natural, organic, pure, easy to make recipe that would cure my acne, but I went with TV ads and my dermatologists orders like many of us do.  Within days of me using this natural acne treatment, my face cleared up. My face is still clear...even through “that time of the month”!  And my face feels smoother and looks brighter. So of course, I have to share this recipe to help all the others out there struggling with their acne.  My mom’s friend helped me, and now it’s my turn.  If you have any question, just email me (Hannah) at hello@liveESP.com and I can try to help!  Also, email me and let me know how it works for you!

Orange Peel Mask and Jojoba Oil – All Natural Acne Treatment


-          Organic clementines or oranges
-          Organic lemon
-          Non-fat, plain organic yogurt
-          Pure Jojoba oil (often found at your local natural foods store...found it at Whole Foods)


1.      Peel clementines or oranges and allow the peels to dry out until they are brownish in color.  It may take anywhere from 5-10 days for the peels to turn brownish, depending on how thick the skins are.  If you are unsure of the brownish color, feel free to take a picture and send it to me. I’ll try to see if it looks good! 

2.      Once the skin has dried out and is brownish in color, finely grind peels in a food processor (I used our Vitamix).

3.       Mix equal parts of ground peel with plain yogurt—just enough to create a face mask.

4.       Add fresh-squeezed lemon juice into the peel/yogurt mixture.

5.       Apply mixture onto your face and allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

6.       Wash face with warm water.

7.       Place a drop or two of pure Jojoba oil on a cotton ball and apply it to your face.
Apply this natural treatment twice a day!

~ Hannah
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