Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jar of Smiles ~ Simple New Year's Craft!

I'm not the craftiest person out there, so when I do a craft, I like it simple. And this Jar of Smiles IS SIMPLE...if I can do it, I promise anyone can!

This past year, my husband and I have been writing little notes of things that make us smile and placing the notes in a 2012 mason jar.  On New Year's day 2013 we are going to open the jar and reading all of those little things that have made us smile throughout the past year! I can't wait to read everything and re-live each happy moment.  Definitely going to do this again in 2013.

If you decide to make a jar for next year, send me a picture! I'd love to see how you decorate it.  For our 2012 jar, I decorated the mason jar with a ribbon of lace and chalkboard stickers that I got from Williams-Sonoma for $10 (come in a pack of 12 and they are reusable).

~ Hannah

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