Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ESP Holiday Gift Guide Tips!

This year, thanks to the ESP Holiday Gift Guide, you can get your friends and family non-toxic and chemical free gifts for the kitchen and on-the-go! Giving non-toxic gifts is an out-of-the-box idea that friends and family will not only enjoy but truly benefit from. By giving non-toxic gifts, you can help family and friends lead a healthier and safer lifestyle—and who doesn’t want that!?
On a more personal note, this year I think giving my friends a Lifefactory glass water bottle in their favorite color (so many colors and sizes to choose from—it’s great) will be a big hit. As college students, a new reusable and bpa free bottle is perfect for taking water, juice, or, more realistically speaking, a highly caffeinated iced coffee with us to class—they’ll be thanking me, I know it J.
So now that I've got gift ideas for friends all set, what about my family?  Something I think every family could use is a non-toxic set of cookware and food storage containers for safe cooking and safe food storage of holiday leftovers.  My family has actually already transformed their kitchen into a non-toxic zone, but it is still a great idea—the more the merrier in my opinion.  But if you have family or friends that still use PTFE coated pans or plastic containers for food storage, safe cookware and glass food storage are a perfect gift.  These non-toxic gifts can encourage family to take a step closer to a chemical free lifestyle.  Another clever gift that can get children involved with the BPA-free movement from an early age, are the Klean Kanteen and Life Factory Sippy cups!  They're safe to use and a great size for those Saturday ball games or long car rides...
I have to admit that while holiday shopping, I always end up getting something for me.  So, if you’re like me a lower-cost idea for your own personal gift giving is ESP’s bamboo spork set. They are super cute and a great conversation starter, believe me, I have them!
There are endless possibilities when you choose to give non-toxic products to show how much you REALLY care, so enjoy this holiday season and spread some ESP cheer!
~ Ivana
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