Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let’s Join Jessica Alba in the Fight to Pass the Safe Chemicals Act!

On November 17th a very important Congressional hearing took place—the hearing for the much anticipated Safe Chemicals Act of 2011!  The Safe Chemicals Act was introduced to Congress back in April of this year as a much needed reform to the 1976 Toxic Substance Control Act.  Since April it has received a lot of support, especially from concerned parents.  One particularly outspoken and well-known celebrity parent has become an advocate for this legislation: Jessica Alba.
Like many of us, Jessica Alba is concerned about the chemicals in our environment that may be having negative effects on our health, and more importantly, on the health of our children & families.  And that is why she, along with millions of other parents, has taken up the cause of changing our environment for the better and eliminating toxic chemicals that are legally allowable in the various products we purchase and use every day. 
Some of the hazardous chemicals that are currently legally allowable in the US include BPA, PFOA, and chemicals used in flame retardants.  Under the 1976 Toxic Substance Control these chemicals are all legal for use in household products.  However, recent scientific articles have linked all of these chemicals to serious health issues ranging from learning disabilities, to reproductive issues, to even cancer.  Some of these dangerous chemicals are even legally used in products such as plastic baby bottles, toys, and baby soap.  And this is what supporters of the Safe Chemicals Act are trying to change.
As a result of this growing concern of chemicals in our commonly used products, the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 was born.  This act aims to put stricter limitations on the legal use of chemicals that have been linked to these health issues. 
The progress of the act thus far has been promising.  In my opinion, this is a non-partisan issue.  Everyone is interested in making the world a safer place to live in and for this reason the act was fairly well received in Congress on November 17th.  However, there are always lobbyists who will have an interest in suppressing specific pieces of legislation.  This is why it is very important for us all to show our support for this act.  Congress has not yet decided on this legislation, so there is still time to write to your congressperson and let him or her know how you feel! 
Another great way to be proactive about this issue is to stop supporting and purchasing from companies that produce hazardous products—a sort of boycott if you may!  As an alternative to hazardous products, you can by non-toxic kitchenware and on-the-go products at!  
For motivate and inspiration, check out this video of Jessica Alba supporting the cause:

Together we can create healthier environments for ourselves, our families and future generations!
~ Jessica
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