Monday, November 26, 2012

Tuna Salad from Scratch

I hate to admit it but after making our New Year's Resolution of no-canned foods, our one fault was canned tuna.  When I decided to start the No-can-ber challenge this November, I knew I had to stop our canned tuna habit.  Below is a picture of a fresh tuna salad I made. It was so easy! I couldn't believe how I had never thought to make it from scratch. The salad was so fresh. I don't have a specific recipe for tuna salad becuase I always make it different, but I welcome all recipes! Below, however, I do give instruction on how to make the main ingredient ...TUNA! 

I took a 10 ounce fresh, organic tuna steak, brushed it with olive oil, and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  I placed the seasoned tuna steak on a lightly oiled stainless steel pan and put it in a preheated over at 375F.  The 10 ounce tuna took about 20 minutes to cook.  Check on the tuna while it's cooking to make sure it doesn't overcook (not a fan of dry tuna!).  Once the tuna is fully cooked, remove it from the oven. While it is still hot, break it with a fork into small tuna flakes. Let the tuna cool completely before adding your tuna salad ingredients!

~ Hannah

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